Agile, Scalable, Secure & Highly Productive

Renovate Your IT Environment


Flexible & Optimized Networks

Plan, Deploy & Operate Your Network Infrastructure


Faster, Secure, Flexible & Intelligent

Can Build an Intelligent Wireless Network Solution


Point to Point & Point to Multi-Point

Effective Strategies to reach new & existing cusmtomers


Advanced & Optimal Security Solutions

Providing highly innovative, reliable and cost effective solutions


Quick & Economic Infrastructure

Delivers managed communications solutions to service providers & enterprises


Scalable & Cost Effective

Providing Advanced Routing & Swithing Solutions


Feature Rich Solutions

Providing High density Voice Video Connectivity

Services & Solutions

IT Infrastructure

Our IT Infra Services will transform your IT platform with effective infrastructure management solutions.

Network Services

We leverage 20 year of networking experience to deliver an effective global network infrastructure.

Wireless Networking

TelExcell helps ensure the appropriate level of auditability for enterprise wireless LAN deployments.

Digital Communication

We are focused on providing system-level solutions that enable accelerated design cycles, & lower costs.

Security & Surveillance

We provide mission critical solutions that span access control, security management & surveillance solutions.

Data Communication

We delivers managed communications solutions to simply & securely interact & transact with other industries.

Switches & Routers

We provide a family of switching & routing products that exceeds all prospects for building the network needed.

Voice & Video

We provide rich-media skills as secured high - density voice & video connectivity, conference & transcoding.

Client Says
““Everything went extremely well, was completed on the expected schedule and they had 0 down time. I had all the information I needed to do the service switch over during the appointed time, and it went flawlessly. This set up was a testament to the skill of your team there at TelExcell. I will not hesitate to recommend your services wherever there is an opportunity."
Dean, DU.
Past, Present & Future
In 1993, TelExcell entered the growing telecommunications market selling dial-up modems and as the technology matured, got into the wireless space by upgrading to the latest technologies. From a small size operation, TelExcell has grown to be a dynamic enterprise with over 150+ employees and 15 locations. We have continually expanded services in response to customer needs.
For over 21 years, we've been dedicated to helping businesses use technology to increase productivity & profits. We are a trusted advisor for all your IT / Telecom needs, including telephone systems, carrier services, voice/ video/data networks, IP Surveillance, Internet services, structured cabling and IT services..
We believe that the company's strength lies in its core values such as integrity, honesty, commitment, team work, and professionalism and that these will drive the growth in the future.
Our Experience & Expertise
25% Technical of Total Team
100+ Man Years of Experience
40+ Certification
40+ Solutions
27+ Cutting Edge Brands